David Jen

I'm an independent science journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I write news and feature stories on climate issues, energy infrastructure, and outdoor adventure.

In my free time, I run, backpack and write science fiction.



Pleasanton, CA

Ocean Waves to Generate Power at the Port of Los Angeles

Civil Engineering Source

Carbon-free wave energy could supply over half of the country's power requirements, if the industry's technologies and investment appetites can be brought up to speed. A new pilot project in the Port of Los Angeles hopes to accomplish just that.

Flying Taxis May Soon Land at Livermore Airport

The Independent

Advanced air mobility – the long-awaited next era of aviation – promises quiet, electric aircraft charged with carbon-free power. Will it take root in the Bay Area's Livermore Airport?

What Quantum Batteries Have in Store

Semiconductor Engineering

Recent research suggests quantum battery technology — which would allow for charging speeds some 200 times faster than conventional batteries — is approaching an inflection point similar to the one crossed by quantum computers a decade ago.

Local Climate Group Weighs Solar Changes

The Independent

The California Public Utilities Commission is changing its incentive structure for rooftop solar owners, affecting everyone, whether you have solar or not.

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Journalist, 2021–present


UX Engineer, 2011–2021

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Web Developer, 2007–2011


Web Developer, 2004–2007


Certificate, Science Communication

UC San Diego Extension, 2021–2022

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Penn State, 2000–2004